Pull up a Chair and let’s talk about how to make your staff into a fantastic team

Are you a leader who wants your program to be great, but no matter what you do, you feel staff are standing in your way? 

 If you look at the picture of the distressed woman above and see yourself there, you need to keep reading.  If you’re overwhelmed by everything and you can’t see a way out, keep reading!

I was this kind of director once until I began to discover the strategies that could make a difference.  Follow along with me as I share some of these strategies and guide you along the path to make things better. 

You may be the program manager of an early childhood program, a manager of a school district, or any other kind of program where you have to manage staff.  If so, this website is for you!

1. This website could be named: The Best Boss Bootcamp Ever!  You will learn what good bosses do to help their staff excel and turn everyday into wonderful days!  You will learn what to do to make your staff into a dream team that turns them into being proactive instead of reactive.  You will teach staff how to love and value children and create a classroom community where children feel part of a group and figure out how to work together for the good of all.  They will learn how to treat children just as you treat them – to treat them like a team.  You will learn how to do professional development that leads to excellence & sustainability!  You will engage with staff and ask them to help you solve problems.  That’s what teams do!  Then you will identify with the picture behind the dream team log and be very happy and ready to do great things.


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