About Juanita Springate

The logo for my business is “Essentials for Greatness.”   My job is to help you create a great program.  You will be in the business of transforming your program and envisioning the dreams of your organization.   When you decide to transform your program, you will  discover how to create greatness. Butterfly 2

Are you ready to transform your leadership?   Are you ready to create a team that creates a vision for greatness?  Are you ready tIdeas + Action = Changeo transform your practices to get results that last a lifetime?       

You will answer questions like these about your leadership and dream about the things you would like to change.  This is what this website is about.  As you answer the questions on the transformation page, you will begin to know where you have to start your journey.  

About Juanita Springate

Who Am I?

My name is Juanita Springate and I’m a consultant and trainer for organizations seeking to be great.  

  • I have done one on one coaching with over 300 early childhood program directors and teachers. I have come to believe that all of them are leaders.
  • I support organizations as they update everything they do to achieve greatness.  
  • I work with the leadership of these programs who dream of greatness & need support in getting there. 
  • I help you transform the essentials that make great organizations.

My Mission:  Turning Darkness Into Light

  • My passion has been developing throughout my career and has become working with educators and leaders in the field to help them achieve greatness as they figure out their career path.  
  •  I have learned that the greatest way to help children is to help those who are in charge of them.
  • My mission is to help program administrators and managers develop management principles that show their staff how to become proactive instead of reactive in conflict moments.  


Who I Serve

Juanita Leading

I serve program directors and organizational leaders who are looking for support as they manage and grow their programs. 

FIRST OF ALL, I give you a free session that helps you figure out where you are and where you want to go.  I outline for you the services I provide and help you figure out if working with me with be a good fit for you.  I ask important questions that lead you to the answer and then I share with you how my consulting package will work. 

Currently, I coach program managers about business skills.  As you read the following list, you will pick out the things with which you need support.  I will help you figure out how to . . .    

Team Wokring a Puzzle

  • Manage staff
  • Value & support staff
  • Manage staff who are resistant
  • Create high-performing teams 
  • Foster job satisfaction and lead staff to be high performers
  • Build positive communication between individuals & groups
  • Honor staff by giving them positive feedback –  honoring what they do and making them feel valuable to you and to the team
  • Foster collaboration among staff 

What I Do:

  • Juanita is passionate about helping organizational leaders create a vision and mission statement that guides the purpose of their program.  She helps them design a vision that takes them on a journey that leads them to new paths of fulfillment.

Juanita is a coach who has been facilitating the work that administrators and teachers do for over 35 years.  Her work has focused on coaching & training in the early childhood world around a variety of topics that include environments, relationships, discipline, dealing with work place issues, and professional development.  

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  I connect programs with resources and training that will prepare them to design excellent places for themselves, their staff, and the people they serve.  I will stand with them and support them as they accomplish this hard work.


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