Team Building

Team Building I  want you  to think about how a team effort can accomplish more for each of you and for your program. Think back to your lives in your program. Remember some successful times and/or events. What made them successful?  What made you feel engaged and capable?  How did you know that what you were doing made a difference […]

Solving the Problem of Gossip

Solving the Problem of Gossip – What To Do- As most of you know, directing a program is often a thankless task.  As I began to direct my first program, my eyes were opened wide.  .  The center that I took over had been a custodial care program for 25 years.  That means the teacher’s job […]

Values are the Core of Who We Are

Our values and beliefs define who we are, what is important and worthwhile to us. Our core values cut across all aspects of our lives. They serve as a moral compass for all the decisions we make. Being crystal clear about the beliefs and values that shape our identity is central for leaders in any […]

Leadership Sets the Stage for Excellence

Which is more important? – leadership or management?  Why is one more important than the other? Leadership is thinking about the purpose for which your program exists.  It is designing a vision and writing a mission statement that  shows your dreams for the program and how you plan to make the dreams come true.  The mission […]

Leadership or Management – Which Should Come First?

Leadership or Management – Which Should Come First? Strong leadership is an essential in any thriving organization.  However, leadership remains an elusive concept for many administrators.  Leadership is the domain of any program director, CEO, or head of state.  It’s the business of every organizational leader.  It is one of the greatest predictors of excellence.  […]