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You need to know that when I coach I focus my coaching on people’s individual needs and challenges.  Because of this, no two coaching sessions will be the same.  Each is individualized to meet the needs of each client.  Coaching can always be customized for what each person needs. 

Group Coaching is an opportunity to be with other directors to share ideas, learn new ways to doing things and get support from a community.   You realize you are not alone in your challenge of being a great director or program manager.  The calls last for 60- 90 minutes depending on the type of coaching you are in.  Each call we begin with a presentation of information, relevant perspectives or things to consider on the topic we’re discussing.  Then each participant will share their own struggles or experiences related to the topic.   We will end the call by sharing helpful ideas and tips that have been found to be successful.  You will work on implementing things we’ve talked about and be ready to report on your progress at the next session.

In thinking about what you need or want in the way of coaching, I offer several types of coaching. In a group coaching arrangement, you can learn from me as the coach and from others in the group.  We will meet as a group on the phone, or if participants live close enough together, we can meet in a public place.  I will often do teleseminars with training slides that help us learn important strategies and information.  Look below and see which level of coaching best meets your needs.   My coaching can be individualized.  If individual coaching is necessary, there may be an additional charge for the time is takes.  Just talk with me!  You can reach me at .

It’s important for you to make up your mind as soon as you can!  If you start out in individual coaching, you can easily move to group coaching. If you choose to participate in coaching, you will be amazed at the improvements you will make.  In just six months, you’ll see changes in your program that you can’t even visualize right now.  Make the decision Right Now!  It’s the most important thing you can do for you and your program.  If you have trouble figuring out which coaching programs seems right for you, contact me and I’ll work with you to find what fits!  You don’t want to go on as you are right now.  You want changes to happen as soon as possible.


In the box at the bottom of the page, state which kind of coaching you think will work best for you.  If you’re unsure, call Juanita and she will help you figure it out.  Remember, things can be individualized when necessary!

Mentorship Group Coaching ($170 month)

For those wishing to explore basic best practices that they can try out for themselves a little at a time

For those with limited experience in leading staff and families  

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Creativity & Innovations Group Coaching ($210 month):  

  • For those who have a solid foundation and need strategies for leading a team
  • For helping teachers discipline with love instead of pressuring children to obey
  • For those who would like to brainstorm ideas for encouraging & motivating staff
  • For talking about problem areas and hearing solutions that others have used
  • For those who are ready to put research into practice   
  • Learn More About Creativity & Innovations Group Coaching




Mastermind Group Coaching ($300 month)

  • For those who have a solid foundation of team building with their staff
  • For those who face problems, have ways of coping with them that are not very satisfactory
  • For those who want to delve into the higher levels of working with their staff and setting things up to soar
  • For those who want to solve serious problems and need ideas about how to do it
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If you like to learn more about how Juanita helps programs transform, follow this link to the page on Transformation.  

After looking at all 3 forms of coaching above, fill out the form below to state what kind of coaching best meets your needs.  Call Juanita if you need to talk.