Creativity & Innovations Group Coaching

Creativity & Innovations Group Coaching:  

  • For those who have a solid foundation and need strategies for leading a team
  • For helping teachers discipline with love instead of pressuring children to obey
  • For those who would like to brainstorm ideas for encouraging & motivating staff
  • For talking about problem areas and hearing solutions that others have used
  • For those who are ready to put research into practice   

Group coaching includes:

  • Meeting with Juanita for 90 minutes every week to talk about how things are going and the things that challenge you
  • Designing ways to address challenges
  • Being creative about the innovations you want to address
  • Hearing recent research about these areas
  • Providing training for staff when and where needed
  • Participating in training that Juanita provides
  • Seeing examples of best practices to help you design your own
  • Working together on an action plan for implementing changes and strategies
  • Deciding together on things to do before the next meeting
  • Filling out the action plan Juanita provides to give a record of things you accomplish
  • Meeting for 6 months & evaluating if things are getting better and if relationships in your program are progressing & deciding if you need to want to go farther with Juanita
  • Trying new strategies and evaluating their effectiveness

Creativity & Innovations Group Coaching = $1,500 (6 months- full pay or $250 mth.) Can be longer for those who want to continue.  Go to the bottom of the page here to sign up.