Mastermind Group Coaching

Mastermind Group Coaching: 

  • For those who have a solid foundation of team building with their staff
  • For those who face problems, have ways of coping with them that are not very satisfactory
  • For those who want to delve into the higher levels of working with their staff and setting things up to soar
  • For those who want to solve serious problems and need ideas about how to do it
  • Here is something to read about what the core of your program must be about.

Coaching for this group will include the following:

  • Meeting with Juanita and the group on the phone one a month for 2 hours.
  • Identifying things you want to work on & deciding on a plan of action for the month.  
  • Since this is a Mastermind group, this means listening to others and learning from each other. It means letting the group help you figure things out.
  • Listening to what others are saying and incorporating their wisdom into your plan.
  • Collaborating with everyone to make a plan that you will implement for the month.
  • Participating in a Private Facebook Group so you can make plans with others and communicate on a regular basis.
  • Evaluating how things went month after month and talking about challenges along the way.  Deciding on new avenues to explore.
  • Deciding what help you need with your staff and seeing if I can help.
  • Looking at research I provide and seeing if it can be customized & implemented at your site.
  • Getting extra coaching should you need it.  You and I, as your coach, will decide when extra coaching can take place.  There may be an additional charge for the extra time it will take. 
  • Designing long-range plans to put in place and making an action plan of how it will be implemented. 
  • Filling out the action plan and sending it to Juanita so you can collaborate together & see what is working & what isn’t working.  Getting ideas from others as you implement strategies.
  • Evaluating the success of the long-range plan and making revisions as necessary.  Deciding if you need more help from the Mastermind.

Mastermind Group Coaching = $1,800 (6 months-full pay or $300 mth.) Can be longer for those who want to continue!   Go to the bottom  of the page here to sign up!