Mentorship Group Coaching

Mentorship  Group Coaching

  • For those wishing to explore basic best practices that they can try out for themselves a little at a time
  • For those with limited experience in leading staff and families  

This coaching will include:

  • Meeting weekly with Juanita & the group for 60 minutes on the phone  to brainstorm the kinds of things you’d like to see change into something better 
  • Getting ideas from Juanita and from the group
  • Itemizing the important things and figuring out where to start
  • Figuring out what kind of mentoring you need.
  • Keeping track of the progress you are making, as well as things that are not working
  • Writing these things on an action plan that Juanita provides
  • Checking on the action plan each week.  This will give you a record of things you accomplish.
  • Meeting for 6 months and then seeing how things are progressing
  • Talking each week about what you did the previous week and how it went. 
  • Designing new ways of making progress
  • Talking about challenges you faced and figuring out ways to address these challenges
  • Deciding if you want to continue in a group to explore more best practices and learning about how to make your program become great

 Mentorship Group Coaching  = $1,000 (6 months full pay or $170/mth.)  We can extend for another few months, if desired!  Go to the bottom of the page here to sign up.