How to create Fantastic Relationships with Your Staff

If you’re constantly putting out fires in your workplace & the goals you’ve set for your program to attain always take a back seat to fires created by your staff, I understand that you are feeling unimportant to your staff.

Hear something that Juanita says you can do.  Instead of constantly putting out fires, decide one goal you want to focus on.  When a fire comes up, focus on  your goal and respond while thinking about your goal: to create a happy place where everyone feels safe and reflects on how to make things better. 

  • For example, someone tells you they are sick of working with a certain child.  Since one of your goals is to help staff see how to meet the needs of young children, ask this staff something like, “It seems like that child did something that upset you.”  
  • When you do this, most likely the teacher will tell you what happened, and you can help them figure out how to say to the child, “It seems like another child did something you didn’t like.  Did you like what happened?  The child will probably say “NO!” Then you teach the teacher how to help the child use their Big Voice to tell another child what they want him to do instead of what they did.  Then the teacher will help them figure out how resolve the problem to both children’s satisfaction.  When this is accomplished, the child will have solved the problem & the teacher will help them learn how to keep doing this when another problem arises.  Then, the teacher will have learned a better way to respond to their children’s behavior. 
  • When you do this, you will have trained the teacher to teach the children how to solve their own problems.  This teacher will have taken the first step to managing hard problems and you can coach them on how to do more.  Now, this teacher will have a new outlook on how to manger her classroom and will be more available to help others.  This makes your center on the road to being able to focus on new things and problem solving. Do you dread supervising your staff because they create so many problems? I remember how this felt, but here is something I learned that helped.

2. When you need to supervise staff because they are on their phone instead of being with children, ask staff what they have been learning about children during their day.  This will help them focus on the children instead of themselves.


If you start doing these things, your program will soon look like the one in the header at the top of page 1.

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