Juanita’s Vision & Mission

Imagining How  things Can Be   

  • When I think about the institutional feel of many organizations, I’m filled with sadness because in my experience I feel that many people who work under management in these programs are not fulfilled and do not feel that they are making a contribution that will make a difference in the world.  
  • They often feel under deadlines and experience great levels of stress and very little joy in working.

I imagine wonderful work places where every single employee feels validated by those who supervise them.  

  • I know that when staff are validated by those who supervise them and when their work is honored, their stress levels decrease tremendously.    
  • Stress goes away when people are having fun.  When they work on projects for which they are excited,  they feel that they are making a difference and this gives them much satisfaction and joy.  
  • They love going to work because of the joy of learning they experience when they are there.    
  • When staff have shared visions about where they are heading and work intentionally on a mission that makes them feel they are participating in something worthwhile their life will improve and the customers they serve will see the difference and will want to be involved.

My Consultant’s Philosophy of Leading Communities to Excellence:  

  • My passion as a consultant and educator is to support organizations who believe their staff are invaluable in making their organization stand out among similar organizations.
  • I will help program administrators and managers develop management principles that show their staff how to become proactive instead of reactive in conflict moments.  I will help them learn how to control themselves and be able to lead their staff to act in similar ways.
  • As a collaborative partner, I will connect programs with resources and training that will prepare them to design excellent places for themselves, their staff, and the people they serve.  I will stand with them and support them as they accomplish this hard work.
  • It is my passion to help organizational administrators create places where all staff will thrive, collaborate with one another and give back to the larger community.
  • It is my passion that program administrators, managers, and staff will become passionate about the importance of making their site a workplace that others will want to emulate.

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