Vision & Mission for Early Childhood

My Vision for the Early Childhood Field

  • The vision I have for the early childhood field replaces the institutional feel of items in an early childhood catalog that make the program feel institutional.  natural loose partsIt replaces this with many things from the natural world that keep us in touch with the real things of life –– living, growing, & dying  — as well as the interdependence of all living things.  The walls are adorned with images from the lives of the people who spend their days together.  Staff members, administrators, children and families have a place just for them, as well as place to have meetings, and assess to the tools they need for their work & play .  Each person also has a soft, quiet place for when they need to be alone.
  • People build genuine relationships with one another no matter their age, financial,  gender or cultural status.  They actively listen to and learn from one other. natural worldThey feel comfortable expressing their passions & they feel safe in working on their disagreements & negotiating solutions to problems with much creativity.  Admiration, respect, and gratitude flows between the staff, the children & their families.  All are focused together on making contributions for their lives and the world to be a better place.  The way they care for one another, negotiate with one another, & play and think together  spills out into the world. 

Consultant Philosophy of Giving to the Early Childhood Community   

  • Curriculum--element55My passion as an early childhood consultant and educator is to support the development of programs that believe that children are our greatest heritage and are born with an innate desire to learn. 
  • I will help program administrators and teachers develop classroom management principles that show teachers how to become proactive instead of reactive in conflict moments & teaches them to stay in control of themselves and in charge of children.
  • It is my passion to help program administrators create places where teachers will thrive, collaborate with one another, and give back to the community.


It is my passion that program directors and teachers will become passionate about the importance of early childhood education for children and families.

If this resonates with you, you might want to follow this link to find out more that you can do.Butterfly