Juanita’s Services

Juanita will consult with organizations striving to create excellence and working to use their staff in productive, fulfilling ways.  As she creates contracts with organization, she works to value each person in the organization and create coaching sessions that validate each person and work to assist their efforts in making progress.

Juanita would also love to work with other coaches who are coaching programs.  It would be a joy to work together to figure out leadership skills and to share problems we have with coaching programs.  If you’re interested in this path, please contact me.  We could have lots of fun sharing stories and thinking about good responses to problems presented to us.  I would love to talk with you and figure out if its a good fit.

 See Juanita’s  Coaching page   and her Skills page,    Be the Change You Wish

as well as her qualifications page.     question_mark_by_bushlemon

See also the Coaching Circles page, which gives the different kinds of coaching Juanita is willing to do.       


What Other Things Does Juanita Do?  

Juanita is also available to do early childhood workshops for directors and for early childhood teachers.  A list of sample workshops can be found under the training tab in this section.

  • To see training that Juanita does for Organization Leaders, follow this link.  Hello
  • To see training that Juanita does for teachers, follow this linkIMG_1945


  • Juanita  is also available to do consulting with programs working on NAEYC accreditation.  She knows and understands accreditation and keeps abreast of changes in this system.  She currently helps several programs with this, particularly doing training on the accreditation system, that includes how to develop classroom portfolios.
  • Juanita is available to do consulting with organizations desiring to find ways to work with their staff to help them be willing to contribute to the organizations success and play a role in creating greatness.