Coaching: What’s It Like?

  Juanita will always work in a professional manner.

 The first coaching session will be on the phone with me and it will be free.  We will talk about what your goals are and what things are bothering you.  As I get to know you and you get to know me, we’ll talk about what kinds of things you want to explore with me.  We’ll also talk about the individual coaching or the group coaching.  I’ll help you decide which one is the best fit for you.   Juanita will answer any questions you have about this process.

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Individual or Group Coaching – What’s Best For You?

  • Coaching sessions will be either individual or  in a group.  I know that some leaders have personal issues that want to talk about privately. I that is the case you can tell me in the free consultation with me and we’ll work it out.  In most cases, it is my belief that each client will learn much more in a group setting, if that fits with your needs..  As we collaborate together, we will share ideas and experiences and we will learn much from what others have done.  As we generate problems we’d like to figure out how to solve, we’ll share ideas and Juanita will share research that will give us ideas about best practices. 
  • Depending on the type of coaching you sign up for, you’ll see how much time we’ll spend in each session.  Each session will last an hour or more depending on the type of coaching you sign up for.
  • Coaching can be done on the phone, through Skype, or  through teleseminars.  We can also do one-on-one coaching if you have a problem that seems more private.   In between times, we can communicate through e-mail or by text, if issues come up we need to deal with before our next session.  Contacting me is always fine.
  •   We will talk about how things are going and what your dreams are for the future.
  •   As we do this, we will decide on what we will work on during the next week or two, and that each of us will do to help each program make progress.
  •  We will talk about all the things that are bothering each of us.  We’ll decide in which order to talk about each of these things.

Cost for Individual Coaching 

Individual Coaching takes a more time than group coaching.  The price for coaching will depend on the kind of coaching you need.

  1. If you need coaching that helps you focus on best practice,  individual coaching may be alright for you.  The price is $1,500 for 6 months ($250 a month, if that’s better for you).
  2. If you have a solid foundation of leading things at your program, and have a good team atmosphere, but you need to help teachers with how to discipline children & how to manage staff, you really need to be in a group where you can hear ideas from other directors, as well as from me..
  3. If you are already good at team building, but would like to learn higher levels of working with staff you also need to join a group program because you will hear lots of ways to get this done, as well as research Juanita will share.

Coaching Agreements

 At the first session, we will decide on ground rules for how we will interact with one another.  These will include things like being on time, following through on agreements & keeping confidences.  

  1. The following are agreements we will make with one another. As you read these, make note of things you’re not sure about and we will talk about this during our first group session. 
  2. Juanita establishes coaching agreements to help both parties know what is necessary to create a successful partnership.  Please download the following coaching agreement and fill out the contract on the page that is here, sign it and send it to Juanita.  
  3. SCQ_GuaranteeSealJuanita is a professional consultant.  She will do everything she can to ensure that each client feels comfortable about what is going on and the progress they are making. If at any time a client feels uncomfortable, he/she just needs to talk to Juanita about the feelings.  She will listen and help you design ways to get more comfortable.  If this doesn’t work and you’re really dis-satisfied & if you have only been in the coaching project for less than 3 months, she will be happy to refund your fee.  Customer Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


After reading the coaching agreement, try to decide which kind of coaching is best for you.


Coaching Agreements  


  1. We agree to keep appointments.  When one of us must change a scheduled appointment, we agree to let the others know in a timely manner.   Makeup sessions may have an extra charge because of the extra time it takes to do a single session.  Often teleseminars can be watched later.  However, it will just be the recorded session, & you won’t get to participate.
  2. I agree to the best of my ability, to work on the agreed upon goals that my coach and I plan at each coaching session.
  3. My consultant agrees to follow-up on the items that need clarification and get back to me in a timely manner.
  4. I agree to, as much as is possible, reserve uninterrupted time to meet with my group at our arranged time.
  5. My consultant agrees to support and encourage me in managing my workload. 
  6. We will work together to solve problems related to program management and seek solutions that support best practice.
  7. Although my consultant does not know “all the answers,” she agrees to help frame questions that will lead me and my staff to decide what will be best for us.
  8. My consultant agrees to treat everything that occurs in our coaching relationship with dignity and confidentiality.
  9. My consultant also agrees to work collaboratively with me about when and how I need her to work with my staff.
  10. She agrees to share what she has learned about how to work with staff members successfully. She agrees to be supportive of the relationship between me and my staff.
  11. My consultant also agrees to work collaboratively with me as I decide how to inform my customers about the best practices my program decides to implement.
  12. My consultant and I agree to each give open, honest feedback on achieving monthly goals.
  13. I understand that the role of my coach is to advise, coach and mentor me and my staff.  It is not her job to tell us what to do.
  14. I understand that my staff and I are responsible for the improvements we decide to make.
  15. I understand that together, my consultant and I will strive to empower staff to take ownership for the quality improvement process and make necessary changes.
  16. I agree to use the expertise of my consultant to assist everyone in my program to make agreed upon improvements.

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