My SkillsIMG_0256

  • Visionary thinker, but able to see details that must be implemented to accomplish goals
  • Solid experience in consulting program managers to lead their staff to embrace their mission and use their unique strengths and talents to move the program forward.
  • More than 30 years experience in designing and delivering training that motivates, excites, and empowers people to embrace new knowledge, apply it creatively and strive for excellence.
  • Value reflection on practices for all  – feel this is essential for professional growth
  • IMG_1939Desire to inspire, equip, train, and provide technical assistance to help professionals & students reflect on and refine their beliefs and practices
  • Excellent interpersonal skills – good communicator with excellent leadership skills, high integrity, diligent & conscientious – reliable & dependable, outstanding motivator & encourager, ethically & socially aware
  • Great team-builder,who teaches staff to value and learn from collaborating with others
  • Self-aware – always seeking to learn and grow
  • Seeks new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition
  • Emotionally mature and confident – a calming influence
  • Dolphin-Sunset-2Committed to making a difference, being professional in all I do.