Path to Change – Making Decisions

This is a good time to make the decision to figure out how to help your program.  You may be going back and forth trying to decide what to do.  If you keep things the way currently are, your program will never change and grow.

Let me explain things in a way you can understand.   Find the Path to Change here!  Print the form and write the answers to the questions below on it for future reference.  After you fill it out, save it and come back to this page.  

path to future

  • Look at the form you just downloaded. Look at the road leading left and right.  Notice the “NOW”BOX at the left side of the page.  At the right side of the road  – in the sky is a “FUTURE” BOX.  There is an imaginary line that connects these two boxes.
  • The “NOW” BOX contains your program’s professional life right now.  It shows what your program looks like, sounds like, feels like, & the impression it gives those who meet it.  What is captivating about it?
  • The “FUTURE”BOX contains a picture of what your program could be like 5 years from now, after you’ve made the changes that fit your vision and mission.  Visualize what things will be like in the “FUTURE” BOX.   What do things look like?  What do they sound like and what do they feel like?  What do they smell like?  What do they taste like to you and to your clients?  It should be better than the “NOW” BOX?  What has made it better?  How is your program different than it was before?  List the characteristics.

Now imagine an imaginary line that connects theNOW” BOX to the “FUTURE” BOX.

  • Pretend going back to the “FUTURE”BOX, which is how you imagine things to be and go way past it. Now  imagine looking back at the “FUTURE” BOX from many years down the road.
  • Say, “If you went to a time past your “FUTURE” BOX and looked back, what would it look like? You see all that you have accomplished. How do you feel about it?  Write these things down so you can remember them.
  • Imagine looking back on the “FUTURE” BOX and see how you feel.
  • As you look at the “FUTURE” BOX as a person different than who you are now.  What would you tell today’s manager about what you see?
  • Ask, “What would be the thing you’ve learned that you would send back in a bottle to tell other people? What would you tell others who might be going through the same thing you went through? What kind of message would be your advice?  What would you tell the program they need to do to correct their problems?  Write down your message and keep it with you as a reminder.
  • Now return to the “NOW” BOX & think about the things that are keeping your program from reaching the “FUTURE” BOX.
  • Ask, “How will you feel in one month if you are still in the same place in the “NOW” BOX?
  • How about in six months?
  • What about in one year? What will things look like if you have made no changes in the next few weeks or by next year? How will you feel?
  • Now I want you to step outside the imaginary line that connects the “NOW” BOX to the “FUTURE” BOX. Pretend that the line connecting these two boxes is no longer your line.  It is another manager’s line. The future box is not your goal. It is another program’s goal. 
  • Think about this question from the perspective of someone else who is not connected with your program.
  • “What would be the first steps that anyone would have to take to get out of the “NOW” BOX?”  Write these down so you remember them.
  • Think of two things you need to do right now (within the next month) to begin to get out of the “NOW” BOX.   Write these things down on the “Path to Change” sheet.  Write down the steps you will need to take to get out of the “NOW” BOX, to start achieving your vision.

3d people on white background.Change is difficult and makes us get out of our comfortable “NOW” BOX.  Change is a catalyst for a better world for children and for teachers.  It is the process of creating something better – a metamorphouschanging one thing into a better thing. 

 Fill out the form below and sign up for a FREE consultation to help you decide if this is the direction your team needs to go. Juanita will ask you important questions about how you feel about your program now.  She will ask you to send her a copy of the Leadership That Transforms Your Workplace that you filled out on the Transformation page, as well as the Path to Change sheet.  You will discover what will make you happy and content.  We will design strategies that best meet your needs.  If desired, we will design ways for you to meet other directors who face the same problems.  Together we will make a plan to move forward & overcome these problems.  As you talk, you will both figure out what things need to change so you will feel passionate about the transformation that can happen.   

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