Training for Organizational Leaders

Jerene-June-2015-people-working-together-shutterstock-700x420 Organizational Leaders – Following are workshops that I can do for Organizational Leaders. It will be a good idea to contact other organizational leaders and decide on a place and date for this training. You can contact me and we can figure this out together.

Training Topics   IMG_1939

Leadership or Management – Which Should It Be?

                            What’s Your Vision:  Leading Programs to Excellence

                                 Director’s Dilemma:  Building Your Staff into an Effective Team

The Art of Good Supervision

Staff Evaluation:  Creating a Climate for Growth

Moving From Surviving to Thriving

Leveraging Your Special Talents

Good People Make Good Programs

Creating Positive Staff Relationships

Team Building:

Policies & Procedures That Focus Your Vision

Staff Meetings That Move Programs Forward

Finding, Screening & Selecting the Right Candidate

Managing the Group – Consensus Strategies That Work

Shared Decision Making:  How Does It Work?

Collaboration Do’s & Don’ts

Managing Challenging People & Situations

Strategies for Partnering with Families or Clients

Responding to People in Culturally Sensitive Ways

Developing Child Care Professionals

Choose which ones best fit your needs.  Talk to Juanita about how best to provide this professional development.