Training for Organizational Teachers


child11Training for Early Childhood Teachers:  I do lots of training for early childhood teachers.  I’ve been training these folks for over 30 years, so I have over 100 workshops that I can do for area programs.  Below you will find categories of training that I can do.  This list will not list every single training that I can do.  Look at the categories below and see what resonates with you.  Call or e-mail and together we can figure out what would work best for your teachers.

Categories of Training Provided:


Classroom Management Issues  excited

  • How to Change Negative Behavior into Positive Teaching Moments
  • Setting Limits Respectfully – Saying ‘No’ and Being Heard
  • Problems, Problems Everywhere – Bully Proofing Your EC Environment
  • Social-Emotional Intelligence That Leads to Success in School & Life
  • Building Positive Relationships &  Supportive Environments to Support Children’s Success
  • Positive Guidance as a Teaching Strategy
  • Encouragement = Emotionally Intelligent Classrooms
  • Choices, Choices:  Building Self Esteem & Will Power
  • Teaching Children  to Manage Their Emotions
  • Consequences -Working Through the Maze of Behavior Management

Essentials of Curriculum 4eb155f7fabc6146f7096e69956dca71

  • What Makes a Good Curriculum?
  • Planning Curriculum That Helps Children Learn
  • What About Math?
  • Learning to Read & Write
  • How to Build a Learning Community
  • Helping Children Make Friends
  • Helping Children Make Discoveries
  • Oops!  That’s Not Right!  Helping Children Learn How to Write
  • Academics or Not?
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice:  What Teachers Need to Know
  • Teachers as Decision Makers
  • Play with Me:  Interactions That Help Children Learn
  • Have Fun with Math

Strategies That Help Children LearnWorking Together

  • Cultivating Children’s Thinking
  • Conversations That Count
  • Focus & Self Control:  Helping Children Develop Skills for Life & Learning
  • Parents & Teachers Working Together on School Readiness
  • How Young Children Think & Learn
  • The Intentional Teacher – How Young Children Learn to Think
  • Please Talk to Me:  Bridges for Communicating with Infants & Toddlers
  • Making Circle Time Engaging for Children and Teachers

Problems Teachers Faceadults working together

  • Listen to the Children:  Strategies for Dealing with Superhero Play
  • What’s Your Next Move:  Solving Ethical Dilemmas  in the Early Childhood Workplace
  • Designing Intentional Strategies for Helping Children Deal with Trauma
  • Protecting Our Children:  What to Do When We Suspect Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Telling the Story: Documenting Children’s Accomplishments
  • What to Do About Technology – Finding Strategies That Support Children’s Learning
  • Skills for School Success:  Social-Emotional Intelligence That Leads to School Success
  • Responding to Families in Culturally Sensitive  Ways

easet paintingEssential Creativity

  • Creative Art:  The Foundation of Learning
  • Sensory Exploration
  • Using Music to Develop Communities of Learning
  • Have Fun Moving with Young Children
  • Connecting Children with Nature
  • Using Dramatic Play to Teach Cooperation, Negotiation, & Problem Solving