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Read what others have said about Juanita’s leadership and how she has helped them and their program.


Past College Student:4eb155f7fabc6146f7096e69956dca71

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you as a professor and thank you for always putting 150% into all of the courses you taught. I have learned so much valuable information from you and I cannot thank you enough for providing me with everything I need to be successful in this field. I’ve saved every single piece of paper (4 inch binders included!   ) I’ve ever received in your classes and will be bringing all of it with me to Pittsburg to help me earn the rest of my degree. Once again, thank you for being so passionate about what you do and inspiring myself along with many others to be the best educators we can for children in the most impressionable years of their lives.

Sincerely, Ashley Mehorczyk


Early Childhood Colleague:

You are the mainstay to the early childhood profession in Kansas City.  You are an inspiration. 

Many, many thanks for being an outstanding educator.

Sincerely,  Claire Ehney


Early Childhood Program Director:   
I had the privilege of having Juanita Springate help me pursue my dream of owning & directing an early childhood center.  Juanita’s teaching style gave me the confidence & expertise to create a program which has grown from a staff of 5 serving 16 students to a program of 35 employees and 150 students in just five years.  Juanita’s hands-on approach and relevant, practical resources gave her students the materials & skills they are able to use every day. 

Sincerely, Paula George


maxresdefaultPast College Student & Present Program Director:

I have had the opportunity of having Juanita as a teacher on more than one occasion.  I have been inspired again & again by her expertise & overall ability to captivate the “whole student.”  Juanita has a unique ability to provoke thought & curiosity in people. I always felt appropriately challenged.  Juanita is a marvelous asset to any team anywhere.  She is my mentor. 

Sincerely, Heather Vasquez